Sponsoring Wizard

General limitation: Standard sponsoring limited to 5000 Euro and one year duration for non-ESA projects.
Title of the project to be sponsored
Name of the Project Coordinator
This has to be the same email address used to submit the sponsorship request. When possible it should be the institutional email address.
Organisation of the Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator Organisation Address Country
Project Coordinator Organisation Address
Describe the objectives of the project, focusing on the results, the beneficiaries of the results and in what form and at what conditions the results will be available to the beneficiaries.
Describe the implementation methodology. In the case the project requests commercial data please justify the selected source and amount of sq. kms. In the case that more than one user licence is requested please provide a justification.
For ESA project only: Technical Officer and Contract Number
For ESA project only: Contract Number
Sponsored Resource List
Offering ID Description Units Duration Cost Sponsoring Limit
F-TEP standard Forestry TEP Platform Package
year(s) €5000
Offering ID Description Units Duration Cost Sponsoring Limit
F-TEP Academia Forestry TEP Platform Package
year(s) €5000


Please specify if you will co fund the resources requested
Amount in Euro (VAT excluded)

In case my sponsoring request is fully or partly funded, I commit to:

  • reference NoR on any papers/presentation published inserting the text 'project supported by ESA Network of Resources Initiative';
  • provide quarterly feedback information when requested by ESA on my satisfaction with the sponsored service;
  • Within two months of the end of the Sponsorship period, provide by email a set of slides highlighting the project achievements to nor@esa.int
When do you expect to be able to submit the slides.
How to proceed:

Please review carefully this Sponsorship request. Afterwards please download the request by selecting 'EXPORT' below to create a PDF attachment, sign it and email it to NoR@esa.int

Please attach any other information you believe can support your sponsorship request.

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